Theatre Rentals

A private night at the movies

  • You select the movie
  • You select the time
  • You select the guests

Enjoy a Private viewing experience for up to 30 Guests - Location availability and pricing varies.

Keep in mind for your private rental

  • CineLux Guest Policy applies to all private rentals
  • Outside food and beverages are prohibited.
  • Outside alcohol is prohibited.
  • Decorations are not allowed.
  • The renting party is responsible for their attendees and any damages caused.
  • Rentals must be booked and paid for no less than 10 days in advance.
  • Private rental sales are non-refundable.
  • CineLux reserves the right to terminate the event if the renting party violates these guidelines.

Included with your theater rental purchase

  • Exclusive auditorium reservation for a screening of your chosen film at your preferred time.
  • Enjoy early access to the auditorium 30 minutes before the show begins and 15 minutes after it ends. If you require extra time before or after the show, please specify to your booking agent.
  • Concession counter/Bar open to theater patrons in addition to attendees of the private rentals. Concessions/bar closes 15 minutes after final showtime.
  • Our concession counter and bar are open to both theater patrons and private event attendees. Please note that concessions and the bar will remain available until 15 minutes after the final showtime of the day.
  • Additional amenities are available for purchase.

By booking a theater rental, the renting party agrees to abide by these guidelines.

If you are interested in booking a private auditorium rental, please submit a request using the form below and a member of our Team will reach out.