CineLux Theatres donates movie passes to many non-profit and charitable organizations. Requests should be requested in writing and sent via U.S. Mail. Please do not send donation requests via email, only mailed-in requests will be reviewed for receipt of donations. Please send a request letter on your organization's letterhead, and be sure to include the date of the event, the deadline required to receive the donation and your organization's Federal Tax ID number. Also, make sure to include a contact person and telephone number, along with the address to send the donation.

Please remember that we do our best to honor most requests. However we do reserve the right to limit our donations based the high volume of requests we receive. Your request must be received thirty days prior to the event to be eligible for consideration.

Please mail your donation request to:

CineLux Theatres
Attn: Public Relations
P.O. Box 54100
San Jose, CA 95154