Flashback Cinema


1982 • Rated R

Sunday, October 9 & Wednesday, October 12

A group of scientists at a remote Antarctic outpost are threatened by an alien life form that inhabits its victims. Soon the men are overcome by fear and paranoia: who is still human and who is possessed by “The Thing?” Got off to a slow start at the box office, but, thanks to a huge fan following and critical reassessment, is now considered a modern horror classic. (“Man is the warmest place to hide.”)


1982 • Rated PG

Sunday, October 16 & Wednesday, October 19

When 10-year-old Elliott (Henry Thomas) finds a creature from outer space in his backyard, he decides he’s found a new friend and declares, “I’m keeping him.” This heart-warming science fiction film touched audiences of all ages in the summer of ’82 and brought Steven Spielberg his third Oscar nomination for directing. It also featured a breakout performance by 6-year old Drew Barrymore as Elliott’s little sister. ("E.T. phone home.")