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Poster of Cold Pursuit

Cold Pursuit

Opened February 8th, 2019


1 hr. 58 min. - Action/Adventure, Drama

COLD PURSUIT, an action thriller infused with irreverent humor, stars Liam Neeson as Nels Coxman, a family man whose quiet life with his wife (Laura Dern) is upended following the mysterious death of their son. Nels' search for justice turns into a vengeful hunt for Viking (Tom Bateman), a drug lord he believes is connected to the death. As one by one each of Viking's associates "disappear," Nels goes from upstanding citizen to ice-cold vigilante, letting nothing - and no one - get in his way.

Director: Hans Petter Moland

Writer: Frank Baldwin

Cast: Liam Neeson
Laura Dern
Emmy Rossum
Tom Bateman